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Doors are currently open for this intake of the Hormone Support Programme until Wednesday 10th July. Enjoy access from anywhere, at anytime with lifelong membership to our flagship programme, future updates, the recipe hub and our online community

How does my Hormone Support Programme work?

During our four months together, we’ll dive into one topic each month. Here's what we will cover:

Month One


Learn how to stabilise blood sugars, improve digestion and metabolism, reduce inflammatory foods, learn about foods and recipes that can help support the hormonal system.

Month Two


Why the gut, liver and skin play such a vital role in your hormones, skin and wellbeing. How you can introduce foods that will help support this process as well as how to clear excess hormones.

Month Three


Learn how stress can impact your hormones and immune system, how to manage it and why this is so important as a woman.

Month Four


To understand your cycle you need to learn what happens during the four phases and how this connects with your eating, lifestyle and wellbeing. Learn how to decrease symptoms and what a healthy cycle should be like as well as what is not normal and how you can make changes.

At the start of each month, you’ll receive a new digital pack of information, tailored to the month’s topic


Your Very Own Recipe Portal

Get new hormone loving recipes every month. We teach you which foods help support your body during the different phases of your cycle. 

Download Instantly

We make it easy to plan out what your going to eat, how to track your hormone goals and give you fun challenges. You also get our cycle tracker to help better understand your cycle. 

From the Access of Your Phone

Each module comes with downloadable files that you can save directly in our amazing portal. We give you easy to follow steps and goals to help you learn about your body and hormones in a simplified way. 

I know how making small lifestyle changes and eating the right nutrients at the right time can help you to balance your hormones and feel amazing.

And I really want that for you. Because you don’t have to settle for how you’re feeling now.

I know you’re over quick fixes that don’t work. You’re jaded and tired of trying.

And I’m going to be honest. There's no overnight success story.

With my support you WILL need to tune in to your body, work out what it needs, and do the work to feel the results.

But I’ve done all the hard stuff for you. The science and study. The trial and error. The planning and guidance.

So I'll share my knowledge with you, so you can make a plan, and implement it into your life easily.

It changed my life and I know it can change yours too!



> breakouts
> bloating
> looong, heavy periods

Or do you get:

> cranky and moody
> have cramps
> and cravings
> or your periods are all over the show

Or maybe you have:

> irritable bowels
> and want to come off the pill.

YES?! Then I’m going to ask you a super important question…

If I could teach you a simple, but practical way to banish your symptoms and finally feel really GOOD, would you be excited to get started?!

✔️ learn how to listen to your body’s signs AND
✔️ understand what your hormones are telling you, through EVERY stage of your cycle.
And the best thing is, it’s NOT hard! I’m all for that!

Hi! I'm Lauryce.

Founder of The Wholesome Co, wife, and mumma to two beautiful wee girls.
And I also know exactly what you’re going through. Because I’ve 100% been there too.
Want to know why I've poured my heart and soul into creating my Hormone Support Programme?

Look at me in this photo.

I look young, tanned, and healthy right?

I was struggling with Lupus, an auto-immune disease. I had monthly migraines, chronic infections, mouth ulcers, irritable bowels, and more.

I wasn’t aware that I could feel better. I just figured this was ‘normal’ for us women.

So I drifted along stressed, drained and with ongoing pain.

About five years later, I came off the pill. And things got A LOT worse before they got better.

With sheer determination and my training as a food technology teacher, nutritionist, naturopath and health coach, I learnt how to tune into my body and balance the hormones responsible for causing my nasty symptoms and conditions.

And I CURED myself.

And that’s why I’d love you to join me in my Hormone Support Programme.
It’s my four-month food, lifestyle and support programme, that’ll give you the knowledge and strategies to balance your hormones and give them the love they need.

I’ll be your no.1 cheerleader, as you dig into the cause of your symptoms and give your body the right food and nutrients at the right time of the month.

I’ll show you it doesn’t need to be difficult or hard to do this!

In fact, eat more of what your body wants and it’ll reward you! (I’ll show you how!)

Isn’t that awesome?!


Here’s some member feedback from my first intake about the Hormone Support Programme:

"I used to feel like I was going to die every month my period came around and found myself in bed, tired and feeling very sorry for myself. I was always making up excuses as to why it was ok to feel this way, but the truth is - it’s not ok to feel like that and you don’t have to!"

"I’m really enjoying the support programme, just implementing small things into my everyday life has made such a big difference with how I feel overall and most importantly around my period."

"By learning about how my cycle works, how to deal with PMS, stress, energy and the right kinds of foods I can eat to feel good has been a life saver."

"Thanks Lauryce for creating this and sharing your knowledge for other women."

Ready to get started? Let’s wave goodbye to your nasty symptoms once and for all.

I’m so excited for you to join me on this journey! I know you’re wondering what it’s going to cost, so here’s the details… Four months of hormone balancing information, food plans, recipes, community support, and access to ask me all your burning questions for:



Or $75 a month for 4 months or $50 week pay by laybuy for 6 weeks 

Lifetime, anywhere access to our flagship Hormone Support Programme.

With the option to add on a one off consultation with one of our Wholesome Co Hormone Specialists




Or $165 a month for 4 months or $110 a week pay by laybuy for 6 weeks 

Everything in the Flagship Programme

PLUS every month, we'll send out a box of hormone loving products worth $105




Or $225 a month for 4 months or $150 a week for 6 weeks with pay by laybuy 

Everything in the Flagship Programme

PLUS speak to one our Wholesome Co Hormone Specialists once a month for 1:1 support for the duration of the programme. 4x consults in total worth $170 each



The doors will close on Sunday 7th July, so jump in now and get started straight away!

If you’re still here, I want to finish by saying that you deserve to live a vibrant, radiant life!

Not a life that involves curling under a duvet and hiding from the world every month.

Or one that involves you feeling stressed, irritable and snapping at loved ones.

Or one that involves you feeling drab and dreary, and too bleugh to care. 

You deserve more!

I truly can’t wait to help you overcome your struggles and help you to the other, brighter side.

See you on the inside?!

Lauryce. x

Oh and don't forget you also get 15% off any of our hormone support boxes and packages should you want some to support your journey. Just look out for your coupon code in your welcome email.

P.S. If you want to pay in full (and claim the early bird gift in the next 24 hours) you can do it right here


"I can’t wait to continue on my journey of being in control of my hormones and my life! "

As one of my programme members you get 15% off any of my hormone support boxes or bundles.

One of the best things about the Programme is that you won’t be on the journey alone. You’ll be part of a community of other members who know exactly how you feel. 



Doors for this intake are closing in:










Yes, the hormone support programme is designed to help support your body step by step to achieve balanced happier hormones. You also learn about how the digestive system is such an important link with hormones, how to banish PMS, get regular painful free cycles and delicious hormone loving recipes. 

We teach you simple steps to achieve better health and wellness as well as hormone balance.

Our hormone support programme is designed to teach you about your cycle and to get regular periods. Once your body is ovulating regularly then your PCOS symptoms should disappear. Our programme is however not designed specifically for PCOS. We do have the option to book one on one support with one of our naturopaths for the duration of the four months. If you have PCOS this would be your best option so that we can personalize your hormone journey.

While endometriosis is more an immune inflammatory condition we do cover over our four modules about supporting the body with anti inflammatory foods and lifestyle tips and tools. We also teach you what your cycle should be like and help support you over this time. 

We do have the option to book one on one support with one of our naturopaths for the duration of the four months. If you have endometriosis this would be your best option so that we can personalize your hormone journey.

Yes, our course is designed to help teach you about healthy hormones. We want to encourage you to learn how to listen to your body and support it the best you can. Everything that we cover over the four months is achievable for a breastfeeding Mum. Our recipes and meals are also nutrient dense suitable to those on this path. Please note if you are breastfeeding and wish to choose my monthly support box we would require you to email us to let us know so that we can select the correct products for you over this time.

Our programme is designed to help support your body and hormones through a four step process. While one of the modules covers a healthy cycle and how it should be the remainder of the course is based on hormone balance. You will be able to support your body with the key information as well as have the option to book a one on one consult with one of our naturopaths. .

As the pill stops you from ovulating you are essentially not getting a ‘real’ period. Our programme is designed to help support your hormones and bring back regular ovulation/periods. If you are on birth control or thinking of coming off it then our programme can help to support this transition and help you learn important steps to helping your body become balanced.

There are three payment options you can choose.

ONE TIME PAYMENTS - make a one off payment

PAY MONTHLY - split over 4 months

LAYBUY - available to split payments over 6 weeks after the Earlybird Registrations close.


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