1:1 Hormone Support Consultations

1:1 Wholesome Co Hormone Support Consults to help you make real progress with your health and wellness goals, work out where to start, what to eat and what support your body may need.


During your consultation you will receive:

Access Anywhere

You could be in the North Pole and still have access to support. Consults are all based online via ZOOM video calling or phone call

Specific Advice

Get personalised nutrition & lifestyle recommendations based on your specific journey, symptoms and unique situation.

Goal Setting

Work 1:1 with an expert to help set and monitor goals so together we can track progress.

Wholesome Recipes

It wouldn't be The Wholesome Co way without our recommended Wholesome Co recipes and blends.


Everyone that books for a consultation receives a copy of our  Wholesome Co Protocol E-book

Hormone Focus

Guidance and learning specific to your needs to support you on your path to reduced symptoms and balanced hormones.

Hormone Testing

At an additional cost, we offer EVE hormone testing, Nutritional Panels + Allergy Testing to help determine what is affecting your health concerns

Ongoing Support

We offer a 3 month package to support you over time in finding the right path for your hormone journey

You choose:

From a one off consultation to support over three months

For those wanting some help and support. We are here to help guide you. You may know what you have been diagnosed with but you need some direction on what to do next - this is a 45 minute overhaul of your current lifestyle regime and will incorporate a case take and also practical advice going forward.

Hormones are tricky things! Because of that we offer a 3 months package to support you over time to find the right path for your hormone journey and monitor progress. Hormones take 3 months to respond to change. This is why we have chosen this as our first wellness package. 

You will have an initial consultation that will go through your medical history and then 2 follow ups to monitor/adjust whatever we need to do to get you to your goal. You will also be able to email us with any questions/help and support 

Following our consult, should you find that you require a follow up session, we offer the option to book at a lesser rate

What to expect.

You meet with one of our qualified, in-house naturopaths / herbalists via phone or Zoom video calling and explore the details of your health, review any test results you may have and deep dive into your journey to understand where we can help you make the most effective changes.

So, grab a notebook, a pen, a cup of tea and get comfortable in a place with no distractions.

And we specialise in helping with a range of hormone conditions such as:

PMS, Hormones, Period pain, Heavy menstrual bleeding, Endometriosis, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Hormonal Acne, Post pill symptoms, Pre pregnancy prep, Adrenal Fatigue, Sleep Problems, Perimenopause + Menopause, Thyroid Health, Weight Loss, Auto Immune Health

Get a detailed report after every consult.

After you're consultation you'll receive a full report. Written by one of our in-house naturopaths and herbalists with the outcome of our discussions and any recommendations.


The Wholesome Co experts and naturopaths are not medical doctors or medical practitioners and consultations are not for medical diagnostic purposes or treatment procedures.

By booking a Wholesome Co consult, you understand that should any prescribed pharmaceutical medicine change, you will need to book another appointment to review any changes with The Wholesome Co, OR otherwise inform your GP or Pharmacists of any Natural Medicines that you may also be taking.

In prescribing certain remedies (nutritional, herbal, etc) to restore balance and/or rectify possible nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, there may be some slight risks to taking that which is prescribed, in the form of a reaction to possible unknown allergies or similar. If such should occur you understand that you will need to stop taking them and call The Wholesome Co to obtain further advice as to dosage or modification of any remedies.

The Wholesome Co information and testing options are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific medical conditions or symptoms. Insights gained into your health through our testing methods are designed to measure for normal function and to support health and wellness only.


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